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Updated: Oct 14, 2022

Namosri Ventures Stabilizer is blends of different hydrocolloids with emulsifier. Hydrocolloids are not easily soluble in water and they make lumps when added to water and these lumps are difficult to dissolve in water.

To make Stabilizer dissolve in water, we have to increase the surface area of Stabilizer. For this purpose we generally dry mix Stabilizer with sugar in 1:5 ( Stabilizer : Sugar). By doing this we make the Stabilizer coating over Stabilizer and increase its surface area. We generally add Stabilizer in hot liquid in general to increase the solubility of Stabilizer. Stabilizer should be added in liquid with continuous stirring at high speed. For this we generally use Venture and some other type of mixer.

If we are able to mix Stabilizer properly , then we will get 100% efficiency of Stabilizer.

Stabilizer should be added in proper does recommended by manufacturers. If we add less quantity then we will not get proper results ( thin mix , less over run , fast melting , less creaminess etc.) and if we add more than also it will effective the ice cream quality adversely ( High Viscosity of mix , less over run , Very heavy ice cream etc.).

General doses of Stabilizer is 0.4-0.5% for normal ice cream.

Role of Stabilizer

· Increase mix viscosity

· Increase the perception of creaminess

· Provide resistance to melting

· To retard the growth of ice and lactose crystals during storage, especially during periods of temperature fluctuation;

· To prevent ‘wheying off’

· To help prevent shrinkage during storage

Challenges of Ice Cream Industry with regards to logistics

In India cold chain is very big issue. We are not able to maintain 100% cold chain either at manufacturing site, during transport or at retailer store. We have frequent power bread down at manufacturing site and at retailer outlet. During transportation, we generally observe that we are not able to get proper storage temp ( -18Deg C) . During transport, Driver of vehicle switch off the refrigeration unit to save the fuel. Due to failure of cold chain , there is heat shock to ice cream ( ice cream get melt when temp increases and freeze again when temperature lower down , this cause ice crystal problem in Ice Cream).

To over come this issue , Stabilizer should give better heat shock stability ( resist the melt down of ice cream when temp increases).

Namosri Ventures Stabilizer gives very good Heat shock stability to Ice Cream and that is why you will not find Ice Crystal issue at consumption point.


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